What Andrew Tate’s ‘crypto insanity’ has to do with Vitalik Buterin

  • Andrew Tate stirred a crypto storm over the weekend and flipped it into donation calls. 
  • His calls echoed with Vitalik Buterin’s vision for ‘better memecoins.’ 

After spiking a massive crypto storm over the weekend, social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate has nudged those who benefit from his shilling campaigns to donate for social good. 

‘Anyone who made money from my crypto insanity and wants good Karma can donate to Tate Pledge. Feeding starving children is always rewarded by god.’ 

So, what’s the “crypto insanity” that is he referencing? 

On Friday, Tate challenged his over 9 million X (formerly Twitter) followers that he would ‘own the crypto market’ if his post hit a certain number of retweets. Later on, the influencer posted another provocative post stating that, 

“I will crash the Solana network.”

Andrew Tate crypto frenzy felt in Solana

By ‘crash the Solana network,’ the former kickboxer meant shilling and buying the various memecoins in large volumes that could overwhelm the network. 

One of the memecoins the influencer promoted was Real Ni**er Tate [RNT]. As of press time, the token traded at $0.041, up 4% on the daily chart.

However, over the weekend, the token hit a massive $170 million in trading volume. 

Another meme linked to Tate, TOPG, also hit a record trading volume of $238 million on the 8th of June, Coingecko data revealed.

Reportedly, the TOPG developer offered Tate over 50% of the token’s supply, which the influencer later burned to pump up the tokens. 

Later on, the influencer stated that he made zero but turned people into millionaires on Solana. 

‘I’ve made over 100M trade through Solana, and I’ve turned people into millionaires. I’ve made zero. Zero. I just bought coins and held them to dust. I will make zero money because I am a real n*gger’ 

From crypto promotion to social good?

However, on Monday, the influencers called on those who benefited from his crypto shilling to donate part of the gains to the social good that he champions. 

Interestingly, Tate’s vision echoed with recent Vitalik Buterin’s recent arguments about celebrity involvement in the memecoin.

Notably, Buterin had called for celebrity coins for social good as opposed to financial gains. 

“I’m feeling quite unhappy about with ‘this cycle’s celebrity experimentation’ so far.

However, other celebrities like Australian Iggy Azalea have taken the ‘financial path’ with her Mother Iggy [MOTHER] token. 

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