Volvo EX30 owners refunded over software issues

Volvo is working to fix a number of serious software issues with the EX30 that has, Autocar has been told, resulted in some owners handing their cars back.

These issues, owners say, range from screens going black and steering-wheel buttons not responding to cars not charging and even emergency braking systems randomly activating.

Owners have also shared stories and images online of bricked infotainment touchscreens, incorrect information displayed (such as time and range), profiles reverting back to factory settings and driver aids failing.

Some issues have been so crippling that owners have returned their cars to Volvo for full refunds, Autocar has been told.

In response, a Volvo spokesperson said in a statement: “We recognise that this is not what they expect from their Volvo car, and we are working to remedy this as swiftly as possible with the minimum of inconvenience to our customers.”

The EX30 relies heavily on its software, with most key functions, including the headlights, wing mirrors and climate control, accessed through its central touchscreen.

The electric crossover’s physical controls are limited to window switches, door locks and hazard warning buttons, with steering column switches controlling drive selection, indicators and wiper control. 

Volvo has told Autocar that the EX30 has been taken off of its UK online configurator because a 2025-model-year version is due on 8 July. The firm insists the machine remains on sale, with examples currently in dealer stock available,and customers able to go to a dealer and pre-select an MY2025 version while the configurator is updated.

Volvo confirmed that any changes being made for MY2025 “will be minimal”, given that software changes can be applied over the air.

This isn’t the first time Volvo, owned by Chinese colossus Geely, has experienced issues with the EX30’s software. Before it hit forecourts in February, Volvo held back examples while key “debugging” software updates were performed.

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