This TikTok Love Story Between Gabby and Tyler Is Straight Out of a Rom-Com

Taylor and Travis, who? There’s a new TikTok romance between a pair of extremely tall, blonde, beautiful people that has the world transfixed, and their audiences are watching it all play out in real time.

The love story between Gabriella Gonzales (6’1″, 600,000 followers on TikTok) and Tyler Bergantino (6’9″, 1.2 million followers on TikTok) has all the hallmarks of a modern rom-com. They are both social media personalities who interview strangers for a living, they had instant chemistry when they met, and they are both very, very tall. And like good content creators, they are letting the world see every aspect of their courtship, from their first meeting to their first date, and have even revealed their friends’ and families’ opinions on their connection.

Here’s everything you need to know about the viral lovebirds in this edition of TL;DR.

Give me the TL;DR.

People on TikTok are invested after a pair of content creators met (seemingly) organically last week and embarked on a whirlwind romance.

Wait, I need more. What’s the background here?

Both Gabriella Gonzales and Tyler Bergantino are content creators who make videos in the popular “man on the street” interview style. Last week Bergantino, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, posted a video in which he was interviewing Gonzales, who lives in Miami.

As an extremely tall man, Bergantino often makes content specifically about being vertically blessed. In many of his videos, he interviews other tall people about, well, being tall. He also likes to encourage tall women to embrace their height.

Both themes were on display when he interviewed Gonzales, who noted that she was wearing heels, so she was at that moment 6’4″. The two agreed that all women should feel confident in heels, but that wasn’t the only way they were gelling. As one commenter put it: “The chemistry is chemistrying.”

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The video soon had been viewed more than 20 million times, with the commenters almost unanimously clamoring for them to go on a date. Before they did though, they filmed another video, this time with Gonzales interviewing Bergantino.

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Since then, the pair have let the internet into every aspect of their budding romance. Gonzales filmed a GRWM before the date, they did a date “debrief” after grabbing coffee, they both unpacked the date with their friends, and showed off flowers Bergantino sent her, all on camera, of course. It’s like a Nora Ephron film with fewer quippy one-liners and more sponcon.

No, seriously, the UPS store sponsored their blossoming love.

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As of this writing, both Gonzales and Bergantino seem to be pretty interested in each other, but there is the slight hiccup in that they don’t live in the same city. Nancy Meyers, what would you do?

What does the internet think?

Everyone’s totally obsessed, naturally. The combination of two beautiful people finding love combined with the fact that they are sharing every detail (and that Hollywood doesn’t make enough rom-coms, of course) means that this romance is blowing up FYPs across the land.

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