The Finals moves on to Season 3 on June 13

During the Summer Game Fest live show, Embark Studios unveiled Season 3 of The Finals, the free-to-play team-based multiplayer shooter, will debut on June 13.

Available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and GeForce Now, the new season will transport players to the lush Kyoto Valley in Japan for an epic showdown.

Starting in Season 3, The Finals will emphasize a more tactical and competitive experience by introducing Terminal Attack as the Ranked game mode. In Terminal Attack, attackers deliver a Decryption Key to one of two terminals, while defenders guard the terminals and prevent the transfer from completing.

This strategic, 5v5, attack-and-defend mode pits two teams against each other for the best of 13 rounds. Contestants must plan carefully, strategize, and collaborate — with no healing, no revives, and only one life per round, every decision counts.

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Nestled against a steep mountainside in the lush Kyoto Valley, the new Kyoto 1568 arena features a network of interwoven 16th-century temples, gardens, and dense bamboo forests — in contrast to the modern urban arenas The Finals is known for.

Intense terrain height variation, interconnected, layered buildings with hidden traversal options underneath, encourage free-flowing, fluid, and sneaky player movement. Traditional Japanese Shoji paper walls that players can shoot through dial destruction up to eleven.

New weapons and gear

Recurve Bow — a new weapon for Lights: a high-skill, medium- to long-ranged bow that shoots arrows in a curved arc. Its range and damage increase the further back the bowstring has been drawn.

Thermal Bore — a new gadget for Lights: a long-range, high-cooldown, tactical breaching gadget, that’s best used to breach walls, buildings, and other obstacles from a distance, to open up pathways or sightlines for you and your team. Perfect in combination with a long-range weapon!

Dual Katanas — a new melee weapon for Mediums: its primary attack is a fast, multi-strike combo with wide reach and forward momentum. It can also charge a lunge attack and deflect incoming bullets in a defensive stance.

Spear — a new melee weapon for Heavies: its primary attack is a fast long-range stab. It can also be spun up to cover a wider area. It deals less damage than the Heavy’s Sledge Hammer but is decidedly more nimble.

Winch Claw — a new specialization for Heavies: launches a chain that pulls objects or enemies toward you, briefly stunning them, making it a perfect companion to the new Spear. Requires tactical use, accuracy, and skill!

Season 3 also introduces the World Tour events series that challenges players to take part in events and tournaments, featuring a unique mix of rules, loadouts, locations, and rewards. As contestants rack up World Tour victories, they’ll climb the Leaderboard and rank up their World Tour Badge through bronze, silver, or gold tiers — and earn Multibucks by the end of the Season depending on their position on the podium.

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