The best used electric car bargains to snap up now

2. Tesla Model 3


This wouldn’t be a list of electric cars without a Tesla somewhere in the mix. The recent arrival of a facelifted Model 3 has helped soften values for the old car, although in terms of looks and driving experience, there’s very little difference between the two. 

That means composed and capable handling, a cushioned ride (some low-speed stiffness aside) and enough performance to keep most adrenaline junkies happy. 

Tesla’s use of the over-the-air software updates means many electrical niggles can be quickly resolved, although squeaky trim and inconsistent panel gaps betray the brand’s build quality issues. 

That said, the Model 3 is generally reliable, while the brand’s battery tech results in longer cell life than most. 

You can pay as little as £13,500 for a standard model, but we’d stretch to the extra £1500 or so the Long Range demands because it gets you a claimed range of 348 miles (just over 300 miles in reality). Either way, you’ll get access to the firm’s excellent Supercharger network.

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