Streamline spring cleaning by saving $160 on Shark’s stick vacuum-mop combo

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Spring cleaning traditionally means busting out a broom or mop and getting your hands dirty. You can avoid most of that trouble by taking advantage of a 44 percent discount on Shark’s AW302 HydroVac, a cordless self-cleaning vacuum-mop combo. Not only does this single cleaning device do double duty, but it also comes with a dock that automatically sucks up all the dirt and dust from inside the vacuum into a separate bag inside an easy-to-remove compartment. Solids from the dirty water are filtered into a separate tank inside the vacuum, making things easily accessible to empty. This multi-surface wet-and-dry mess system ensures none of the gunk from your floor gets on you.

Shark AW302 HydroVac Cordless Pro, $199.99 (Was $359.99)

Shark designed the AW302 to work on any surface, from hardwood and tile to an area rug (though you’ll only be able to use the vacuum function on carpet to remove surface dirt). As it cleans, the vacuum is constantly running its brush bristles against the inside of the vacuum to prevent bacteria from building up while simultaneously running them through an odor-neutralizing solution developed by Sharp. The result is better-smelling floors that won’t just look clean to the naked eye. Shark says that despite its mop function, the AW302 uses such a small amount of water that you can walk on your floors shortly after they’ve been washed. If you’ve been putting off cleaning your home because it’s a hassle, Shark’s AW302 HydroVac Cordless Pro will significantly cut down the amount of time you’ll have to do it, and this Ultra Pack includes plenty of multi-surface concentrate cleaning solution.

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