Sora light by Fung + Bedford for Frandsen

Dezeen Showroom: UK-based design duo Fung + Bedford drew on the Japanese art of origami in the design of this statement light for Danish brand Frandsen.

The Sora pendant light has a horizontal form suspended from two cords and flanked by wing-like protrusions, which make it appear to hover in mid-air.

Sora is made from pleated and folded tyvek

An LED strip light is embedded inside the bottom of the piece, which diffuses a soft, warm glow across the lamp’s structure, which is made from tyvek, a synthetic, paper-like material made from compressed fibres.

Tyvek is used due to its waterproof and tear-proof characteristics, as well as it being 100 per cent recyclable, according to the designers.

Sora light by Fung + Bedford for Frandsen
A long LED strip light is embedded into the piece

“A sculptural statement piece which appears to levitate in its surroundings, Sora exudes a serene, radiant aura whilst transcending the boundaries of traditional lighting design,” said Frandsen.

Product details:

Product: Sora
Designer: Fung + Bedford
Contact: [email protected]

Material: tyvek paper, solid brass, LED light
Dimensions: 740 x 1240 x 246 millimetres

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