Sophie Turner Scandalized Some Confused American Pearl-Clutchers With a Cheeky Caption on an IG Photo Dump

Sophie Turner posted a lengthy photo dump to Instagram (amazing), with photos showing her living her best life post-divorce (gorgeous), and a caption reading “sun, sex and suspicious parents” (huh?). If you’re confused, you’re probably an American who is unfamiliar with the British reality series, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, in which, per BBC Three’s description, “Teenagers take their first summer holiday abroad without their parents, who are secretly watching everything that unfolds.” The series ran from 2011 to 2015 (when Turner was a teen), and was clearly iconic enough to have made a lasting impression in its home country.

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The photos include shots of Turner out to dinner with a large group of friends, a field of daisies, some kind of drinks and/or brunch situation involving mimosas, a few selfies with the girls, scenes from a Taylor Swift concert, and a picnic. All pretty PG stuff, really, but enough to scandalize a good chunk of the comments section, who I’m generously assuming just did not understand the Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents reference.

“OMG what an iconic show. Americans do not understand this reference,” commented one UK follower. “LOL at non-British people who don’t get the caption,” wrote another. Other Brits reminisced with comments like, “The adverts they used to put up in colleges and sixth forms! 😂and then someone would write ‘this is sun sex and suspicious parents,’” and, “Omg I use to love watching that 😂😂😂😂 bloody hilarious when the parents watching their daughter doing body shots.” All of which, to me as an American, read as gibberish. But I wouldn’t expect a Brit to understand me if I were to say, “Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling,” with no context. I’m just glad everyone’s having fun!

Hopefully all of the confused commenters wondering, “WheRe ArE yOuR kIdS,” can be ready to just let Sophie Turner live now.

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