Sofia Vergara Opened Up About Aging and Plastic Surgery: ‘I Don’t Believe in Filler’

As for her thoughts on other cosmetic injections? “I don’t believe in filler,” she told Allure. At least not at her age: “I feel filler does good when you’re really young and you want a little bit more cheeks or to plump your lips a little bit. At my age—51—I feel it’s not going to make you look younger,” she explained.

“[Filler] is going to make you look more done. And I feel like it actually doesn’t pull you up; it kind of weighs [you down],” Vergara continues. So I am against that, once you hit a certain age.”

Sofia Vergara for Toty

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Speaking of aging, she got pretty vulnerable about how she’s feeling about the passing of chronological time. “You can see the age,” she said. “I shouldn’t complain because I’m 51 and I’m still healthy, and I’m very active. I still look in the mirror and I see someone beautiful. But sometimes it’s like, ‘Who are you?’ I’m still happy with what it is. I just learn to accept it’s not me. It’s a new me.”

And let’s be real: “New” her or not, Vergara looks pretty damn good—incredible, even—and I know I’m listening to whatever beauty advice she’ll dish out. As for how she’s done it? “I always wash my face after going to bed. I try to avoid the sun on my face no matter what,” she said.

Vergara is actually so passionate about sun protection she launched her own skin care line, Toty, composed of multiple products formulated with 50+ SPF. “It’s funny, because my body’s always so much darker than my face. My face is like a ghost. It doesn’t even match my body…because I use Toty Ilumina CC Cream SPF 50+.”

And she really does think her consistent sunscreen-wearing has made a difference. “I’m 51, and I can compare myself to my friends that have never [worn sunscreen], and now they’re all like, ‘Fuck, why didn’t we pay attention to you?’” she told Allure.

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