Sienna Miller Has Already Had Enough of the Boho Revival

It is impossible to access true, Sienna Miller-esque bohemia through the purchasing of a Depop disc belt and a loose-fitting Chloé dress. The bohemian lifestyle is an obviously attractive one for fashion-conscious creatives, but there comes a point when even the most renegade artists are forced to put down the bindle stick and return to work.

Miller understands this. The so-called boho queen—who has spent the past couple of weeks posing in Chemena Kamali’s lace-embroidered gowns on the red carpets of Cannes and the Met Gala—was yesterday photographed strolling through West London in barrel-legged jeans and cowboy boots with the sleeves on a pinstripe blazer rolled up to her elbows in an explicit gesture of “getting on with it.” The sole bohemian element of the outfit was a drawstring Jimmy Choo hobo bag—named the Cinch—rendered in earthen suede with diamond-shaped hardware.

The truth is, Sienna Miller could wear anything—a bin bag, even…to appropriate fashion’s favorite adage—and her image would still be considered bohemian-adjacent. This is a woman who will forever be plunged in the amber of the “boho chic” Noughties: her public persona now inseparable from all the crochet waistcoats, prairie skirts, and slouchy totes she wore during the early aughts. Perhaps that is why she once denounced the look in a 2006 interview with British Vogue. “No more boho chic!” she said. “Those two words make me sick.” I wonder if Sienna Miller—in her pinstripe tailoring and souped-up jeans‚ might secretly feel the same way in 2024.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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