Sam Heughan Predicts Taylor Swift Will Forget Travis Kelce and ‘Fall For a Man in a Ginger Wig’ in Scotland

Sam Heughan joked that when Taylor Swift comes to Scotland and meets him, she’ll forget all about that guy on the Chiefs, Travis Kelce. And I can’t say for sure that he’s wrong. Like, has she seen Jamie Fraser?

Swift is scheduled to take the Eras Tour to Scotland on June 7, and in a video taken on set and posted to Instagram, Heughan noted that most of the Outlander cast was going to the show. He added, “She obviously doesn’t know this, but when she comes to Scotland and she sees me in the audience, she’s gonna forget all about…him. And fall for a man in a ginger wig.” He joked, “How could she resist? She’s gonna shake him off and take me out instead. I’m really excited!”

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Now, I don’t know for sure that Swift is an Outlander fan, but I do know there is at least one Swiftie on Reddit who has theorized that she is. “Listen to [the song] ‘Ivy’ and tell me you can’t find some inspiration for the song in the pages of Outlander?! To me, parts of this song remind me so much of the love between Jamie and Claire but also her love for Frank,” the Redditor suggested.

All I’m saying is that if Sam Heughan is serious about his Taylor Swift crush, Travis Kelce had better watch his back.

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