Points furniture system by Pearson Lloyd for Bene

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Bene worked with London-based studio Pearson Lloyd on a modular furniture system designed to foster flexible and adaptable workplaces.

Points intends to enhance both collaborative work and focused individual tasks, as well as overall wellbeing .

The system helps to zone open-plan office interiors

The aluminium structures are freestanding and flexible, meaning they are not constrained by being attached to the building and can be reconfigured as needed, including being disassembled and reassembled in alternative locations if required.

Individual zones can be created within the structures by specifying certain lighting, seating, storage and accessories, from formal meeting rooms to casual co-working spaces and breakout areas.

Points furniture system by Pearson Lloyd for Bene
A number of functional spaces can be created for various uses

Curtains can create semi-enclosed spaces that have cosier atmospheres, and all elements can be customised by selecting distinct colours and materials.

Each element can be removed and replaced or recycled, creating a product that adheres to circular economic principles.

“[Points] is a modular, space-defining system that enables companies to respond flexibly to changing needs and current trends,” said Bene. “In this way, Points creates office landscapes that foster collaboration and individual wellbeing.”

Product details:

Product: Points
Designer: Pearson Lloyd
Brand: Bene
Contact: [email protected]

Materials: powder-coated aluminium (frame), melamine, veneer, fabric (infills/ceiling)

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