Perfect Dark gets a reveal at Xbox Games Showcase

Joanna Dark makes her big return in Perfect Dark, which got a full gameplay reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase. The game, which was officially teased at The Game Awards in 2020, has … well, gone dark since then. The new trailer doesn’t reveal a release window for the title. The Initiative is developing the game alongside Crystal Dynamics.

The trailer shows Agent Dark infiltrating a base and fighting off several enemies as part of a covert op in a near-future version of Cairo. She’s tasked with finding Daniel Carrington, a character with whom Perfect Dark fans will be familiar. The world has been ravaged by environmental disasters, and Carrington promises some kind of benefit to Joanna if she joins his side.

According to Xbox, the game will be a first-person shooter with stealth and action elements. Joanna must use parkour to get around Cairo, Mirrors Edge-style, and she can use gadgets to hone in on her objective. The trailer gives a glimpse of the abilities and gunplay of the game — everything but a release date, it seems.

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