Palworld update adds new Pals, new island, new raid on June 27

Palworld developer Pocketpair announced the Sakurajima update at the Summer Game Fest showcase. The new update adds multiple new features to the game, including new Pals, a new island, a new raid and a higher level cap. The update rolls out for both PC and console on June 27.

The trailer for the update shows off the new features, which also includes new buildings, subspecies and factions within Palworld. The new island also features new architecture and vibes than others we’ve seen in Palworld thus far. There also appears to be a new boss to fight who’s tied to the new faction.

Another long-awaited update that rolls out with the Sakurajima update is the addition of dedicated Xbox services. Console players have requested dedicated servers, and Pocketpair reportedly partnered with Tencent in order to accomplish this. Now it appears these servers will roll out on June 27.

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