Offbrand taps PirateSoftware to launch creator-led publishing label

Creator-led production company Offbrand has launched its own game publishing label, Offbrand Games.

“From the beginning, our goal was to deepen creator ties to game developers and create mutually beneficial partnerships for all involved. Over a year in the making, we’re bringing that vision to life,” said Nick Allen, CEO and cofounder at Offbrand, in a LinkedIn Post.

In addition to Allen, Offbrand was cofounded by creators Ludwig Ahgren and Nathan Stanz. The company has also partnered with creator, game developer and cybersecurity specialist Jason Thor “PirateSoftware” Hall to lead its publishing label. Hall will serve as Offbrand Games’ director of strategy. The label is partnering with Hall to support his upcoming game jam on July 17, 2024.

In addition to announcing the publishing label itself, Offbrand Games also announced its first title. The label will publish Aether Studios’ sequel to its 2017 platform fighting game, Rivals of Aether. Rivals 2 does not have an exact release date set, but the title will launch sometime in Q4 2024.

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Backing this game makes sense, given Offbrand’s creators. Both the Rivals of Aether developers and Ludwig have deep ties to the Super Smash Bros. community. In fact, Ludwig hosted the game’s first ever tournament in November 2023.

Offbrand announced plans to transform into a worker co-op on June 7, 2024.

Notably, Offbrand is evolving its business model to be a worker co-operative. The company plans to give every full-time employee a vote, control over the company, and an equal share of its profit pool. While the company is still in the early stages of this transition, this business model will distinguish the publishing label from other creator-led efforts.

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