Moms Are Wondering When Easter Turned Into Christmas Morning Part 2

Every Easter morning, my siblings and I would run around the house, collecting eggs and trying to find our big Easter baskets that my parents had hidden in different parts of the house. The memories are still with me today. I’ll never forget when I got a stuffed Barney doll in my basket. Best. Gift. Ever.

While my basket had one major gift (ie. Barney stuffed animal) along with some candy and stickers, in recent years, the gifts surrounding Easter morning have become a bit elevated, with parents assembling over-the-top baskets filled with enough gifts that it looks like they were delivered by a man in a red suit rather than a magical bunny.

“When was anybody gonna tell me that Easter is practically Christmas number two?” one TikTok mom asked.

“That’s what’s happening. That’s what everybody is out here doing. Just gifts, gifts, gifts. I didn’t budget for this. Not that I budget anyway. I don’t budget my money. That was a funny comment. It’s getting a little out of hand.”

Of course, every parent should be allowed to do whatever they’d like when it comes to their kids and holidays. To each their own! However, is she wrong? I’ve come across a handful of TikTok videos of moms showing their Easter baskets for their kids and they’re truly stunning. I’m talking Stanley water bottles and Sol De Janeiro lotions along with some Lululemon merch.

And that’s amazing, but is it necessary?

After this mom questioned when Easter became such a big deal, several other users posted their own hacks for Easter baskets to make them worthwhile and sensible without spending a fortune.

“I just buy stuff they’ll use over the summer. New swimsuit? Bubbles? Allll the spring/summer stuff I’d already buy,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Not us. Crocs, sun glasses, one outdoor small toy, candy.”

One person agreed with her and said, “Really though 😳. My son reuses his basket every year, new bubbles, new chalk, new flip flops, Easter outfit, and a big Easter egg that holds candy.”

Another said, “I spent $100 on my daughter’s Easter gifts. FOR WHAT!?”

“No. I treat my kids year round. Easter is for chocolate and egg hunts. I draw the line at the kiddie pool “Easter basket” trend 😅,” one user wrote.

For those wondering, the Easter basket kiddie pool trend is when parents buy a literal plastic kiddie pool and fill the entire damn thing up with gifts, candy, etc. for Easter morning.

However, several other users defended the decision to go all out for Easter, noting that kids are only little once.

“I only go overboard for my kids because I never got anything as a kid. I should go to therapy for that I suppose,” one user said.

The OP replied, “Me and my husband were talking last night. He mentioned this! I think it’s because I show my love with things 🥺as well as other ways but I hear you!”

One mom who was going through the journey of a “No Buy Year” had a brilliant alternative idea her for child’s Easter basket. First, she used a basket that they already had at home, filled it with some tissue paper (that they also had at home) and added a library book, plus some homemade items that she had made. including an adorable stuffed bird and some fabric easter eggs.

Cheap, sustainable and doesn’t create clutter? Yes please!

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