March 2024 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: When Is It and What It Means for You

The next full moon—also known as the worm moon—takes place on March 25, 2024 in Libra. The third full moon of the year, and the first of spring, is coupled with a lunar eclipse, an event that happens when the earth is positioned in front of the sun, which illuminates the moon.

“Eclipses amplify the energy of the full moon,” says astrotherapist Nour Pellé. But what does that mean for you? We asked the experts to break it down.

What will a full moon on March 25, 2024 in the sign of Libra bring?

The end of a cycle

Luciana Calvetti, founder of Le Bulletin des étoiles, a therapeutic astrology learning platform, explains it as thus: “Each full moon brings to a close a cycle that began six months earlier, with the new moon in the same sign. This cycle began on October 14, 2023, when the new moon in Libra conjoined with an annular eclipse. During this lunar event, a ring of fire forms around the moon. Symbolically, this represents a transformation of identity, because the sun represents identity in astrology. So this full moon marks the end of a cycle that led us to transform our identity.”

“In the sign of Libra, this transformation takes place on all points related to complacency,” she continues. “It asks us to drop the masks (stopping being too nice, forgetting ourselves, etc). This full moon is the final blow in this process.”

According to Pellé, “We seem to be guided to put an end to something. It may be a thought pattern, a way of believing, or something more tangible like the end of a job, a relationship, or a chapter in our lives.”

Show compassion

This is also a time to question our relationships, says Pellé. “Are we sincere and authentic with ourselves?” Pellé asks. “Do we like who we become when we’re in certain relationships? Libra energy helps us to focus on the other person and see things from their point of view. The energy of Libra is one we can call on when we want to show compassion. While it’s tempting to give our full attention to the other person and everything they do or don’t do, this can be a bit of a trap under the energy of the eclipse. Basically, the energy of Libra reminds us that every person we meet is a teacher and a reflection of a deeper part of ourselves.”

What rituals can optimize the energy of the full moon of March 25, 2024?

When it’s an eclipse, Luciana Calvetti and other astrologers don’t recommend any special rituals. “Because the energy is very blurred,” she explains. “With a lunar eclipse it’s not continuous, as it is during a classic full moon or new moon. We simply need to reflect on the issues and themes of this full moon, and take a little time to introspect and take stock of this end of the cycle.”

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