Mainframe Industries’ MMO Pax Dei enters early access on June 18

Mainframe Industries announced that its Pax Dei massively multiplayer online (MMO) game will debut in early access on June 18.

Mainframe Industries, along with their co-publishing partners at New Tales, announced that the social sandbox MMO will enter early access as one of the most-wishlisted games on Steam.

Over 100,000 players took part in the latest alpha test, aimed at testing the recent gameplay additions, along with the server infrastructure, and over 1.6 million hours have been watched on stream since the reveal.

The development of Pax Dei has now reached a stage where it requires a permanently live game and an active player base to progress further.

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“Pax Dei is a game about people interacting with each other – the war and peace they will make, the social structures that will emerge. The game can’t be built without players,” said Reynir Hardarson, game director and cofounder at Mainframe Industries, in a statement. “We want to gather a community of people willing to work very closely with the development team. Early Access means that you are on the floor with us.”

While the game is still in alpha and heavily in development, the foundations of Pax Dei are already in place, with a peaceful gameplay loop (gathering resources, crafting, building) inviting players to claim a home in a large, shared and persistent open world; and an adventure gameplay loop, with large areas to explore (PvE) and compete over (PvP).

Pax Dei is expected to remain in early access for at least a year, during which the game will expand in all directions, based on the reaction and feedback from the players. The game is still in heavy development.

Major changes will occasionally require wiping the game and starting over. The first such update will be adding to the third core pillar of the game: the social gameplay loop, by introducing features such as markets and gold economy.

“We’ve been humbled and are deeply thankful for the interest and passion our project has received already,” said Thor Gunnarsson, CEO at Mainframe Industries, in a statement. “Today, we’re inviting players to embark with us on the next step of the journey.”

Pax Dei early access is available for pre-purchase starting today on and will be playable on PC, via Steam or the game’s dedicated launcher. Early access players will benefit from exclusive rewards, depending on the Founder’s Pack they opt for.

Mainframe Industries is an independent, venture-backed game developer. The team is bringing together veterans from all corners of the industry, set on reimagining an MMO for decades to come: a social sandbox designed with human interaction at its core, offering new ways of playing with friends. It’s the game of a lifetime.

New Tales is an independent publisher and game developer focused on games’ DNA and player communities. Shaped by its international background & live games expertise, the New Tales team join forces with their partner game studios, working as one team to unleash new gaming gems. New Tales is publisher of Waven, a multiplayer online tactical RPG.

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