Lisa Barlow Keeps Her Side of the Street Clean

Glamour: We have so much to talk about, but first, we must address the breaking news that Andy Cohen revealed on last week’s Watch What Happens Live: You debuted bangs.

Lisa Barlow: Oh my gosh, that was so funny. I actually liked the bangs. I don’t think the audience did. It’s a commitment to have those bangs full-time.

They were just for a photo shoot, right?

When I was going into the shoot, my stylist was like, “We should do bangs.” I thought they were going to get a better response…. I felt very Jacqueline Smith. I felt like my mom too. I looked like my mom when I was a kid.

It was kind of funny, but I loved them. I’m glad I tried it, but I’m glad they’re not permanent…. I saw some people online that were like, “Lisa’s having a midlife crisis. She got bangs. Next thing she’ll be platinum blonde.” I’m like, “Sorry.”

Well, I like them if you ever want to bring them back.

I think I might bring them back while we’re filming.

I say do it. So it’s been about a month since the RHOSLC finale took over the entire world, bringing you guys to a new level of fame and attention. What has that been like for you now that the dust has settled a bit?

It was such a big deal. We have dealt with so many things since season one, like Homeland Security, the feds, NYPD, everything. And we just didn’t talk about [what happened], which is crazy that it didn’t get leaked; it was a miracle that it didn’t get leaked. It was kind of crazy. But watching the whole world experience while we relive it again was crazy, crazy. When Jennifer Lawrence was commenting on it, I’m like, Oh my gosh, this is nuts.

That’s a good point—why do you think the finale didn’t get leaked at all? That’s pretty unusual these days.

I think we were all just so impacted by it. And I mean, if you look at our franchise with what we’ve been dealing with since season one, it’s a lot. It wasn’t like [we said], “No one say anything.” Bravo didn’t call and say, “Keep this a secret.” It was just like something innately we all did. And I think a few things were getting leaked to defend Monica. I think she was talking to a few people, but it didn’t explain what was happening. It was just like, Oh, there’s more coming. You’ll see there’s more. But it was crazy, crazy.

I have been watching RHOSLC since the beginning, and you’re right that you guys have dealt with a lot of drama since season one—most Housewives don’t deal with the feds. Did you have any idea what you were signing up for?

I thought it was going to be different just because I’m a transplant from New York, and…I think Utah’s weird. I think there’s so many interesting people here. You have the religion and different cultures here, and I think a lot of transplants. So I knew there was something special here. I moved out here and I find Utah addictive. It’s hard to leave. The weather’s amazing. You get all four seasons. I thought it was going to be special, but the dynamic is so good.

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