Let Dakota Johnson Convince You to Buy Into This Controversial Denim Trend

Dakota Johnson: Actor, producer…influencer?

The 34-year-old was photographed on the set of her latest film, The Materialists, on May 31 in an outfit so effortlessly simple that it’s turned the corner to aspirational. Quiet Luxury, thy name is Dakota Johnson.

In the photos, Johnson wears an oversized black crewneck sweater, which she’s French-tucked into mid-rise denim. But this isn’t just any ol’ pair of blue jeans. With their tapered hem and excess fabric at the knee, these look to be barrel-leg jeans, the subtle-but-effective style du jour.

Johnson finished off her minimalist look with a pair of now sold-out (but not impossible to find) sage Adidas Sambas, cat-eye sunglasses, and a baseball cap, which she held in her hand alongside some very important-looking documents.


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Everlane Way-High Curve Jean

Barrel-leg jeans have been on the scene for a minute, but like most denim trends, the style is not exactly universally loved. On social media, haters love to loathe the funky style, calling them “unflattering” or worse, the “JNCOs of Gen Z.”

However, as Johnson has illustrated above, it is possible to indulge in the trend with some subtlety. No need to go full tilt with a pair of jeans that is shaped like a boomerang at the knees if that’s not for you.

best barrel-leg jeans

11 Best Barrel-Leg Jeans Will Breathe New Life Into Your Denim Rotation

The moral of the story is: If you’re looking to add an editorial edge to a simple jeans-and-a-sweater look, reach for a pair of barrel-leg jeans. And if you’re not into that, your skinny jeans will always be there for you.

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