July 2024 Tarotscopes: Tarot Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

Welcome to your monthly Tarotscopes, celestial babe! The entire year of 2024 is full of powerful transits, and these notable shifts continue for us during an opportunistic and transformative May. Below, we have horoscopes for each of the 12 zodiac signs with a unique Tarot card pulled to predict the month ahead for every member of the zodiac. Be sure to read for both your sun and rising sign for the most accurate reading.

Welcome to July! This month is bringing a significant opportunity to realign with the kind of life we desire, but it will ask you to set firm boundaries on your time, money, and energy toward anything that you are misaligned with. We enter July still in the midst of Cancer season, which encourages bringing an intuitive, creative, and compassionate approach to all that we do before ending off the month in fiery Leo season!

This month has several transits that will wake you up and ask you to have some fun, starting with Mercury entering Leo on July 2. This transit will bring us all a new level of confidence and really put a pep in our step when we’re connecting with others. Just a few days later, we have a new moon in Cancer on July 5. The moon will be in its home sign during this lunation, bringing us a double serving of help while manifesting under this new moon! On the 11th, Venus shifts into bold and brave Leo, joining Mercury and helping us to dress, act, and surround ourselves with confidence.

About a week later, Mars—the action planet of passion and aggression—enters dynamic and novelty-seeking Gemini. This can make things fun, flirty, and a bit complicated. Try not to take things too seriously during this time, and consider really allowing your imagination to run wild as you take steps toward your goals. Just a day later, we will have a full moon in earthly Capricorn that will remind us all to release the people, things, and thought patterns that hold us back from being our best selves. On July 22, the sun enters Leo and Leo season officially arrives! After much build up from Mercury and Leo already entering into the fiery, proud energy earlier in the month, this shift away from Cancer season into Leo season will bring a much needed brightening up to your life and relationships. We end the month with Mercury (the planet of technology, travel, and communication) entering meticulous and calculated Virgo, which will help us to express ourselves more clearly before July closes out. Take advantage of your fifteen minutes this month!

And don’t forget how far you’ve already come this year: We entered June still in the midst of Gemini season, which encouraged us lean into connection, communication, and thinking more creatively. On June 6, we had a new moon in Gemini. This was a perfect lunation to plant seeds of intention regarding social status, friendship, research, and educational goals. We started May with a Pluto retrograde period in the eccentric sign of Aquarius. This transit will be with us until Pluto, the outermost planet, stations direct on October 11. This will ask us to face our shadows, secrets, and taboos with bravery. Because Pluto is an outer planet, we’ll likely see this on a societal level rather than in personal struggles—so expect the unexpected and try to take others off of a pedestal during this time.

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