Jennifer Lopez Just Wore the Perfect Ballet Flats for Anyone Who Hates Wearing Ballet Flats

I can count on one hand the time’s I’ve seen Jennifer Lopez in ballet flats.

Sure, even J.Lo must need a break from sky-high platforms once in a while, but the 54-year-old entertainer typically opts for a comfortable wedge or sensible sneaker when she’s looking to change things up. When she does pop on a flat shoe once or twice a year, it literally makes headlines.

In new paparazzi pics taken in Los Angeles on July 29, Lopez can be seen in a corporate-core look that won’t get you sent home from the office, unlike some of the “office siren” looks I’ve seen hailed as business casual on TikTok. In keeping with her newfound dedication to ultra baggy pants, Lopez wore a crisp white button-up shirt tucked into a pair of loose tapered trousers, topping the professional ‘fit with a black skinny belt, classic square sunglasses, and her go-to crocodile Birkin.

Jennifer Lopez is seen on June 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.


However, she took me for a bit of a loop with her black satin flats, which fully lean into the ballet aesthetic with their ankle ribbons and sweet pearl details. As someone who also typically avoids ballet flats, I can see why these would be a great option to dip into the trend. For one, the straps would keep them from slipping off my annoyingly narrow feet. Plus, it looks like this pair actually has a structured sole, unlike some of the strips of leather disguised as shoes that Jennifer Lawrence loves.

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See? Structure!


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