Jeep Avenger e-Hybrid review

The e-Hybrid’s engine appears rather measly on paper, and with a 0-62mph sprint of 10.9sec, it won’t be winning any sprint races any time soon. But it’s torquey off the line, bolstered by an E-Boost feature that adds 40lb ft of torque for an extra push in acceleration. 

It also feels gutsier than the figures suggest in the mid-range. Indeed, Jeep says the e-Hybrid offers 30% faster acceleration between 30-60mph than the manual petrol Avenger.

This is felt when you’re travelling on faster B-roads and motorways. However, the gearbox can disappoint, not shifting up or down when you need it to.

Things can sound quite gruff when you put your foot down too, which isn’t ideal when you know the Avenger Electric offers near-silent serenity.

The e-Hybrid can drive for up to 1km (0.6 miles) on electric power alone, which is more than most mild hybrids but a long way short of a good full hybrid system like Toyota’s.

Still, it comes in useful when you’re manoeuvring or driving around town, and it’s here where the e-Hybrid excels, offering a refined and quiet driving experience when taking off from a set of lights or trundling through traffic.

If you would use your Avenger Electric primarily in town, the cheaper e-Hybrid would make a suitable alternative.

We’re yet to sample the manual petrol, but this review will be updated as soon as we get our hands on one. 

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