Investors call Intuit bullish; VB calls Intuit and its AI strategy a highlight of VB Transform 2024

Intuit had a blip of a bad moment, at the end of May, when the IRS said “free tax prep software for everyone!” But with 45 million of the 160 million total IRS returns processed last year using Intuit’s TurboTax, while QuickBooks handled $300 billion in payroll, the company isn’t in any danger of vanishing into irrelevance. In fact, Intuit’s recent swings at AI are underlining, staring and italicizing its already prominent place on the map as a major player in the industry, according to Barrons, which slapped the company with an Overperfoming rating and predicted a 15% rise in stock prices.

And it’s all because Intuit is delivering the kind of wow moments that folks have been talking about since the beginning of time (last year). And for more on wow moments, don’t miss Nhung Ho, VP of AI at Intuit, at this week’s VB Transform 2024 who will open up the curtain on Intuit’s advances in AI.

The thing is, tax prep and accounting are services that offer a tremendous number of footholds for clever generative AI solutions that blend low-hanging fruit into a delicious smoothie that a user can sit back and sip while automation makes their business more streamlined, their crops thrive and their skin clear. That’s cost savings for customers now, and down the line that’s how Intuit attracts and retains customers and remains an industry leader. Basically, it’s everything generative AI has been promising from the start and more.  

Intuit’s AI journey is a particularly good case study for businesses looking for practical, actionable advice on identifying use cases and launching a generative AI strategy. So don’t miss Nhung Ho on stage at VB Transform 2024, where she’ll offer practical insights into building and deploying effective generative AI applications, and walk away with actionable strategies and best practices for your own organization.

Only one day left to register for the conference, happening live in San Francisco, July 9, 10 and 11. The conference as a whole is focused on AI at scale, with a focus on the practical gen AI case studies and application stories that matter most, directly from the industry leaders who pretty much know exactly what they’re doing. Register now!

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