Hyper Sonic textiles by Carnegie Fabrics

Dezeen Showroom: American brand Carnegie Fabrics has launched a new collection called Hyper Sonic, which blends its innovative textile designs with acoustic solutions.

The Hyper Sonic collection forms part of a new line from Carnegie Fabrics called Carnegie Acoustic Solutions, which intends to deliver sound-dampening performance alongside aesthetics.

The Hyper Sonic collection includes the Cypher Panel acoustic wall and ceiling solution

The collection includes a number of products that make use of Carnegie’s Kirei PET acoustic material, including the HyperFly Cloud, which can be arranged alone or in clusters for a sculptural effect on the ceiling, and the Cypher Panel, which features vertical strips that create an elegant panelled look on floors or ceilings.

There are also products made from the brand’s Xorel Artform textile – a woven bioplastic made from rapidly renewable sugarcane that is Cradle to Cradle certified.

Hyper Sonic Collection by Carnegie Fabrics
There is also the Slope 3D acoustic tile, made with Xorel Artform fabric

This textile is combined with an acoustic substrate to make products such as the Slope 3D tile, intendeding to give an elegant look with its stretched fabric surface.

Both the Kirei and Xorel Artform products come in a vast selection of colours, and designers can access Carnegie’s in-house acoustic design services team to help them curate a selection of products to suit specific projects.

Product details:

Product: Hyper Sonic collection
Brand: Carnegie Fabrics
Contact: [email protected]

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