How Kristin Juszczyk Found Viral Success Designing Taylor Swift’s Chiefs Puffer Jacket

Then the day before it got shipped out, she texted me to confirm that, and she asked me for a video of the jacket, and I was so excited. I said, “Wait, is there a possibility of you guys both wearing it?” And she said, “Yeah…we’re both wearing the jacket.” And I just lost my mind, I was so excited. I spent hours and days making this jacket, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that she would actually wear it.

How did you feel at that moment?

It brought tears to my eyes. I mean, I think people don’t realize that I’ve been doing this for years now. I want people to know that this wasn’t I just picked up a needle and thread yesterday and was so fortunate to be able to land Taylor and Simone. I’ve been really grinding for a few years. So it just was that full circle moment to be like, again, “Wow. All those nos, I finally got my yes.”

I thought it was funny that one of the frequent headlines I saw after Taylor wore your jacket was about your husband and how he was so vocally supportive of you online. Obviously that’s adorable, but I also was thinking to myself, come on guys, of course he’s supporting her! They are married!

It’s so funny you say that because that’s exactly what we were saying. Me and Kyle were cracking up that everyone was losing their mind over how supportive Kyle is. I’m like, all he’s saying is that I’m making these jackets. Of course he wants people to know that his wife made it! But I always say, his support, that’s not even 5% of what makes Kyle such an amazing partner. He’s just the absolute best. And I mean, I just think he’s so happy. He sees all the hard work that I put into it. So to just make sure everybody knows who made it, he’ll work overtime to make sure everybody knows that I made it.

It’s almost kismet that after Brittany and Taylor led to your big break, now all you guys are going to be at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

It really is. It just feels like something divine, it’s just the stars aligning. And I actually turn 30 the day of the Super Bowl too.

Happy birthday! Speaking of Sunday, can you give us a hint for your Super Bowl fit?

I can tell you that it’s very sentimental and that it’s almost like a little story in a jacket.

I heard that Taylor isn’t wearing one of your designs, correct?

No, not to this game. I’m only one person, so I can only make so much, and I felt like it was time that I made my husband something from all his support. So this game is going to be Kyle’s time.

You just signed a licensing agreement with the NFL. What does that mean for the future of your brand?

It’s such an honor. It’s not easy to get, by any means, so I’m very grateful. It’s one step closer for me to be able to actually dress all the fans. My goal always is to be able to walk into the stadium and see people in my designs, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I really do feel like there’s a possibility, and fingers crossed, that I’ll be able to make these puffer jackets because I know that’s something that everyone’s so interested in. And not just the puffers. I mean, that’s just the beginning. I have loads and loads of ideas, but just to see everyone wearing my jersey puffers, which is all I’ve ever wanted. But that’s my goal, for sure. But the licensing just makes me one step closer to that.

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