How A Weighted Blanket Completely Changed My Marriage

I am a nightmare when I don’t get enough sleep. My daughter just turned 2, so it would be fair to say the last two years have included ups and downs with the amount of sleep I’m getting. I spent the newborn days living off of adrenaline (and coffee), but once she started really sleeping through the night, my body immediately began to refuse the idea of not getting a decent chunk of Zs per night.

But here’s the thing: My daughter has never been the biggest culprit when it comes to wrecking my sleep cycle. That honor belongs to my husband. Yes, it’s true — I live with a restless sleeper. And while I love the man dearly, getting woken up by tossing and turning each night at 3 a.m. will test even the strongest of marriage bonds. However, that all changed several months ago when I made a discovery that was no short of a miracle.

The secret to changing our sleep health altogether came in the form of a weighted blanket.

What is a weighted blanket?

If you’ve never heard of a weighted blanket (or comforter), it’s basically a therapeutic blanket evenly filled with materials like glass beads or plastic pellets to give it extra weight. The additional weight of the blanket is supposed to mimic the feeling of swaddling or a gentle or firm hug (depending on the weight you choose). Called deep pressure touch, that sensation helps to stimulate the release of serotonin, which promotes happiness, and melatonin, which helps regulate sleep.

A typical weighted blanket or comforter weighs five to 30 pounds. These can be perfect for accommodating different body types and preferences (though a general rule of thumb is that they should be about 10% of the user’s body weight).

Weighted blankets can help with a number of conditions through deep pressure touch, like anxiety, autism, or ADHD. It can help with insomnia or restless sleepers at night, providing gentle pressure to discourage movement.

My Experience With a Weighted Blanket

It didn’t take long to realize a weighted comforter was a huge weight off our sleep stress (or weight on, if you will).

We picked up the 20-pound Baloo Living Weighted Blanket, which, despite its weight, feels incredibly breathable and never too hot despite living in Florida. That first night, we woke up feeling completely refreshed and rested. Instead of jolting awake at midnight and discovering my husband had taken up all the covers, we both lay in pretty much the exact positions in which we had fallen asleep.

In fact, it seemed like such a miracle that I wasn’t willing to call it a success just yet. I needed another test run. But night after night, week after week, it continued. My husband woke up feeling like he had actually gotten some sleep, and my lack of crankiness told me I was feeling the same.

There is really no better way to describe the weight than feeling like a warm hug. It keeps you from moving around too much while you sleep but never feels cloying or claustrophobic (the latter was my personal fear). Instead, it relaxes your body and eases you into sleep, which feels particularly wonderful after a long day.

It’s gotten to the point that my husband will actually travel with a weighted blanket for work just to make sure he can get a good night’s rest while in a hotel room. Sure, it’s not the best for weight limits, but it’s been enough of a game-changer that he can no longer go without it.

The Best Weighted Blankets

No matter what your budget is, there’s a weighted blanket out there for you. Here are a few options to consider.




While we use (and love) the Baloo Living Weighted Blanket, there are plenty of blankets and comforters in an assortment of prices, sizes, colors, and weights. So, if your partner’s restless sleeping is keeping you up at night, file this little investment under sleep therapy.

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