Here’s how B2Broker’s latest $5M platform redefines crypto spot trading

After a bumpy start to the 2020s, the crypto industry finally found its footing again in 2023, orchestrating a major resurgence and expanding beyond industry expectations. As of 2024, Bitcoin is soaring high again, and the brand-new MiCA legislation promises to provide much-needed regulatory stability in this market. As a result, the crypto field has achieved an impressive level of maturity and sustainable growth. 

With such impressive growth metrics, the crypto industry has become desirable for numerous brokerages and financial institutions. Currently, the crypto field boasts over 20,000 tokens for trading and a growing trader base of 300 million strong. These figures are even more impressive when compared to the FX industry, which only has 50 million traders and 128 tradable currencies. 

So, it is no wonder that financial companies, brokerages, market makers, and many other entities wish to acquire a shortcut to the crypto market. To answer this recent surge in demand, B2Broker has developed a brand-new crypto spot trading option for businesses. With the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), entering the crypto landscape has never been more convenient and cost-effective. Let’s explore. 

Sectors that Benefit from B2Trader’s Solutions

B2Trader’s inventive solutions are constructed for a wide range of sectors, including CFD and derivatives brokers, OTC brokers, Forex firms, multi-asset and multi-market brokers, market makers, liquidity providers, payment processing companies, and even conventional finance organizations like Banks and PSPs. Here’s which industries can seamlessly adopt B2Trader’s brokerage platform and how they will benefit from this addition: 

FOREX Brokers

Most forex brokers adopt conventional trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and cTrader, primarily providing FX, crypto, equity, and precious metal assets for leveraged or derivative trading activities. With B2Trader, brokers can integrate the crypto spot trading capabilities without extensive costs or delays, accommodating traders who wish to own the underlying asset instead of indirect trading contracts and mechanisms. 

Moreover, BBP allows regulated FX brokers to segregate their offerings by respective licenses. With BBP, brokers can diversify their business strategies and mitigate risks in the global trading environment. 

Crypto Brokers

Many crypto brokers exclusively provide CFD instruments and other derivative services in their offering pool. However, the growing crypto market has encouraged many individuals to hold crypto coins instead of obtaining indirect agreements. B2Trader’s platform is a perfect option to remedy this shortcoming. 

In today’s crypto market, broker firms compete closely to retain existing clients and increase revenue streams. In these market conditions, the lack of crypto spot trading options might become a considerable flaw for crypto brokers. With BBP, brokers can acquire crypto spot trading software and offer this service to their target audience within a week! 

Market Makers

For market makers, B2Trader can provide access to various crypto exchanges, allowing them to aggregate their liquidity channels, achieve competitive spreads and adopt smart routing execution for their deals. 

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers must continuously expand their asset offerings to meet growing B2B demands. B2Trader can significantly simplify the adoption of crypto spot trading channels that LPs can provide to their respective clients, letting liquidity providers offer a more comprehensive liquidity service across the board. 

EMIs, Payment Systems, and Banks

Finally, even conventional institutions like EMIs, Banks, and PSPs can add crypto spot trading to their standard offerings. BBP’s seamless API connectivity and complete roster of components and modules will make it easy for conventional institutions to enter the crypto landscape effectively. 

Unrivaled Processing Capabilities

B2Trader was conceived as a tailor-made solution for Enterprise-scale brokers that wish to adopt crypto solutions. Even with basic configurations, B2Trader can provide more than 3000 trading instruments and process up to 3000 requests per second. With the BBP platform, you can receive fresh market information every 100ms and execute orders in just 1ms. Cloud resources and computing improvements will further enhance these figures shortly. 

“Today, B2Broker is a leading name in the FinTech industry. We began operating in the FOREX industry in 2014 and have been developing solutions for the crypto industry since 2017. B2Broker has earned multiple awards and recognitions, and our years of experience have allowed us to understand what the market needs exactly.

That’s why we created B2Trader. It’s our answer to the changing trends in finance. We have poured 18 months of hard work and $5 million into B2Trader. BBP is built by our dedicated in-house team of 40 engineers, each contributing to a solution that truly meets the demands of today’s brokers. In the next 12 months, we plan to double the team and enhance our offerings even further!”

— Arthur Azizov, CEO and Founder of B2Broker

Fueled by Market-Leading Tech Software

BBP delivers a reliable and secure ecosystem powered by cutting-edge tools and scalable protocols. B2Trader has chosen AWS servers as the most foolproof and risk-averse solution on the market. MongoDB and Amazon Redshift improve data management functions on the platform, and TradingView is an established source for retrieving market data. 

Kubernetes and Docker simplify scalable deployments, and CloudFlare delivers much-needed DDoS protection capabilities. Finally, the FIX protocol improves B2Trader’s overall efficiency and operational fluency. Here’s the complete list of solutions that power B2Trader’s innovative platform: 

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Robust Integration Choices

As B2Broker’s creative product, B2Trader benefits from numerous integrations that can boost the effectiveness of B2B trading services. B2Broker’s portfolio of offerings includes a trading platform, OMS, pre-trade and post-trade protocol, liquidity management system and a trading User Interface. Additionally, B2Broker boasts CRM, a back office, blockchain wallets for processing and holding cryptocurrencies and a blockchain management system for handling payouts and settlements. This thorough list of offerings is capped off with mobile applications, technical documentation support, FIX and REST API extensions, white-label offerings and much more! 

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Finally, the Marksman module is a perfect match for B2Trader, simplifying administrative duties and allowing businesses to effortlessly retrieve the latest market data. 

Marksman lets brokerages establish a stable connection with leading exchange platforms. This operation can be achieved by filling out your API credentials and setting up a respective account. With this tool, brokers can construct deep liquidity pools with a mixture of different exchange channels and create specific execution patterns and routing rules. Lastly, constructing failover protocols with Marksman is a much simpler operation, both for currency pairs and liquidity pools. 

Upgrade Your Business with BBP

B2Trader can be adopted as a turnkey solution or easily connected with various CRM suites through the REST API connection, letting brokers implement a crypto spot trading solution that fits their existing infrastructure. Currently, B2Trader offers a free demo for anyone who wants to try out this brand-new solution. With B2Trader’s promise to deliver a crypto spot brokerage solution within a week, this offering should be a no-brainer for forward-thinking brokerages around the globe. 


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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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