Hailey Bieber Says Her Juicy New Blush Is Giving 'Aperol Spritz Makeup' This Summer

Perhaps for all of these reasons, it’s unsurprising that she describes Kate Moss as “everything” and “a forever person that’s just never going to leave the beauty mood board.” As she points out, the imagery of Moss she loves most is when “she has no makeup on, or she’s just kind of got this glow to her cheeks and she just lets her skin show and her freckles show.”

Not unlike Bieber herself. Although something tells me Hailey Bieber is too cool and too generous to admit it.

On her everyday makeup essentials

“I personally think that I just look better with more pared-back makeup,” she says. “For a red carpet or for events, I’m down to push the envelope a bit and try more—maybe a more sexy or a more intense eye or whatever it may be. But when I’m doing my makeup myself, I feel like I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t.”

Typically, this involves three everyday essentials. “I can’t leave the house unless I have a lip product, a brow, and a blush,” she notes. “I can survive off of those things as long as I have that in my bag.”

She tells me that Lancôme concealer and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products are staples in her kit. “I love Anastasia’s stuff,” Bieber says. “She actually lives in my neighborhood, so I’m able to ride my bike over to her house to get my eyebrows done. She’s very major.”

Bieber describes the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Contour Duo as one of her “holy grails” and says she loves a freckle pen: “I’m still very loyal to enhancing my freckles. I just think it brings a youthfulness and a vibrance to the face.”

She also likes to regularly carry a travel-size powder with her. “As much as I love all the dewy looks, I feel like there’s certain places on the face that I like to lock everything in,” she says, pointing to the area under her eyes and either side of her nostrils.

Her pregnancy body-care routine

“I guess I probably incorporate more oils in the summer. I definitely am putting a lot more body oils with my body cream. I’m always making sure I’m wearing head-to-toe body cream,” Bieber says. “I would say it’s probably even more extra now, just layering and layering and layering creams and stuff on to keep the skin healthy as I expand”—alluding to her recently announced pregnancy.

The product she says she’s buying on repeat is Naturium’s The Glow Getter Multi-Oil Body Butter. “It’s in a yellow tub that I keep buying over and over again, which is rare for me. Usually I’ll be like, ‘Oh, try something else now,’ but I’ve been very loyal to that one for the last six months.”

On wellness

Normally an avid fan of cold plunging for its instant energy boost (“I hate to do it, but I love how I feel from it”), Bieber is also finding clever ways to adapt her favorite wellness practices. “Well, a lot of the normal ones that I really love, I’m not doing right now just given pregnancy,” she says. “But I think there’s ways to still incorporate it with dunking the face in ice water.”

Bieber’s fragrance personality

She’s drawn to unisex scent Bond No.9 West Side, with notes of rose, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and musk.

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