Gracie Abrams Responded to Those Reputation Rumors on the Grammys Red Carpet

It’s been less than a year since Gracie Abrams dropped her debut album Good Riddance, but you’d never know she’s new on the scene. In the past 12 months alone, she reached No. 1 on Billboard‘s emerging artists chart, opened for Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour, and was nominated for a Grammy Award for best new artist. So whether or not the 24-year-old takes home a Grammy by night’s end, it’s clear she’s already a winner in so many ways.

You’d also never know that the 2024 Grammy Awards were her first. Rocking head-to-toe custom Chanel—makeup included!—for whom she’s an ambassador, and a sleek petite bob that’s so chic it’s undeniably going to be one of the biggest bob haircut trends of the year, Abrams looks like anything but a newcomer on the red carpet. In fact, she looks and seems like a total natural—just one who so happened to bring her mom as her plus-one.

“My mom is here with me, and we’re just wearing black—I just wanted to match with my mom,” Abrams told E!’s Laverne Cox on the red carpet. That said, Abrams’s mom isn’t her only mentor in attendance tonight. As Swifties are already well aware, Abrams opened for and has since become close with Taylor Swift, who’s up for a whopping six Grammys herself.

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Knowing this, Cox asked Abrams what the best advice Swift had given her was. “I feel like all of her words are words of wisdom in every capacity ever, but honestly, before I even knew her personally, she taught me to write all the time, and just to just tell the truth, in my writing,” Abrams said. “And that is something I’ve carried with me forever. I write everyday because of that advice, and I wouldn’t be here in this room if it weren’t for her taking a chance on me and sharing the stage.”

As for how Abrams feels about those Reputation rumors? “Wow. Wow!” Abrams said on Entertainment Tonight, shrugging dramatically. “I love her fanbase dearly. They are the greatest ever, and I was lucky to get to know them up close and personally this summer. They have the greatest imaginations of any group of people I’ve ever known.”

As for what that means? I guess we’ll see tonight!

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