Eden pods by Boss Design

Dezeen Showroom: British furniture brand Boss Design aims to offer a sanctuary for office workers with its Eden pods, which create a quiet space for focused work or meetings.

Eden pods differ from other pods on the market due to their sensory appeal – they use visual and tactile elements to create an offering that draws people in and encourages wellbeing.

Eden pods are meant to appeal to the senses with biophilic and tactile elements

Roof plantings, frameless glazing, slatted wood acoustic panels and lounge-style furniture are among the features that make Eden stand out as a biophilic and human-centred design.

Boss Design describes the pods as offering “windows into a world of comfort where nature-inspired forms, fabrics, colours, textures and lighting design contribute to a stress-free sensory experience”.

Eden pods by Boss Design
The pods range in size from one-person to six-person

Eden pods are available in four sizes ranging from a one-person focus pod to a six-person meeting space – multiple pods can be arranged in clusters to make a customised configuration of private spaces.

The frames are available in a range of four muted colours: black, light ivory, reed green or copper brown.

Product details:

Product: Eden
Brand: Boss Design
Contact: [email protected]

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