Drew Barrymore Brought Back Her 'Charlie's Angels' Blonde and Looks Exactly the Same 20 Years Later

Alright, now let’s get to Barrymore’ s modern-day metamorphosis. The glam squad behind her transformation consisted of esthetician and skin care founder Shani Darden, makeup artist and makeup brand founder Charlotte Tilbury, and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton. Together, the pros seemingly worked magic, aesthetically traveling over two decades back time.

Upon comparing the photos, it genuinely looks like no time has passed at all. In reality, however, it will have been 21 years in July.

“I just love all of Drew’s eras; what a fun way to play dress up,” hairstylist Appleton said in a clip posted to The Drew Barrymore Show Instagram, admitting he’s been hoping Barrymore would go back to blonde as is. (Apparently, so had my mother, who left a comment on the post without my knowing.)

Once Barrymore saw her “after” reveal in the mirror, she gasped, exclaiming, “You just put a time machine in me!” “I feel like that girl again. Look at me! I do feel like at I’m back at the Charlie’s Angels premiere,” she said.

“Babe, I love all Drews. This was a fun Drew,” Appleton said of the look. But Barrymore was busy, remaining in awe of her reflection. “I cannot believe you brought me back 20 years ago!” she said.

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