Do Nerds Make The Best Dads? The Internet Weighs In

A theory floated around the internet not too long ago that nerds make the best husbands. When a woman on TikTok wondered: “How the hell do y’all find these men that are obsessed with you, good fathers, who can take care of you, spoil you?”

Several people simply stated that you have to go for the nerds.

“They’re nerds. You go for the nerd,” one mom said in a response video. “It honestly blows my mind that we have this entire trope in American literature and movies and TV shows about the nerdy girl who gets the glow-up when she grows up. She was this unsuspecting girl next door, always nose in a book. Loves fantasy series and movies girl who becomes super hot and amazing. But we don’t say that for men.”

This theory also stands true when it comes to fathers. According to baby nurse, Kara, who has seen her fair share of dads, she noticed that the best ones are typically also into pretty “nerdy” stuff like Dungeons & Dragons and comic books.

“I might ruffle some feathers, but you guys want to know what guys make the best dads?” she said.

“I’ve been a mother-baby nurse for five years … but I feel like there’s a specific kind of guy who just — I don’t think it has to do with like looks or build necessarily — it comes down to like what they do for work and then like their hobbies,” she added.

She then lists some “nerdy” hobbies that a guy might be into that would categorize them as “good dad” material.

“But dude, the nerds! If they are like, a computer science person, if they play Dungeons & Dragons, if they read, if they’re the kind of guy who would like sign you up for things like events together like, ‘Hey yeah, I signed us up for like a candle making class.’ They’re gonna be the kind of guy who is like, ‘We should sign up for a birth class,’” she said.

“They’re gonna make a great dad. Anyway, so if you got yourself a nerd, and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if they’d be a good baby daddy,’ They’re probably gonna be a good baby daddy!”

After Kara’s video went viral, several TikTok users commented on her video, agreeing with her assessment and testifying that they have their own nerdy baby daddies who are supreme.

“It’s the goofy guys! They lean into the dad role so hard and love it. IMO it’s the guys who can make fun of themselves and don’t take things too seriously,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “My nerdy, dungeons and dragons playing, audiobook loving husband is an amazing dad. 10/10 would recommend.”

“My husband is an anime watching, video game playing nerd. He is the BEST dad to his two girls and is so involved in everything they need and I need. He’s the best,” another wrote.

Well, I think this theory has been proven to be true! So those out there looking for a good guy who would make a great dad someday, it might be time to hit up a comic book convention!

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