Desk setup products by Hexcal

Dezeen Showroom: British brand Hexcal has designed a cohesive range of workspace accessories that aim to enhance users’ desktop environments, stimulating both productivity and creativity.

Hexcal’s desk setup products include a monitor arm, standing desk, desk mat, magnetic charging cable and Hexcal Studio, an all-in-one desktop organiser that was released in 2022.

All Hexcal items have a pared-back and sleek design

The monitor arm helps users to keep their desks clutter-free, as well as allowing for easy adjustment of the screen’s height and angle, facilitating longer and more comfortable periods of work.

Another product that is designed to relieve fatigue is the streamlined standing desk, which has two motorised telescopic legs that can be easily raised and lowered to adapt to the user’s preferred position.

Desk setup products by Hexcal
The standing desk can improve the user’s posture while working

Available in black or brown vegan leather, Hexcal’s desk mats create support for the wrists when typing and using a mouse, while the USB charging cable has magnetic components for easy storage.

“Hexcal’s premium workspace solutions are not just products; they are a statement of style, functionality and innovation,” said Hexcal.

Product: Desk setup products
Brand: Hexcal
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