Chrysler previews electric cars with radical super saloon

Chrysler has revealed a futuristic electric super-saloon as a preview of its upcoming electric car line-up. 

The Stellantis-owned US brand, which currently sells only the Pacifica MPV, will completely reinvent itself for the electric era, ushering in a bold new design language alongside a raft of next-generation technologies including high-level autonomy and advanced connectivity.

The new Halcyon concept bears absolutely no relation to any Chrysler model past or present, nor does it resemble the future-looking Airflow crossover concept that Chrysler revealed in 2022. Indeed, it is unclear whether a production version of that car is still on the cards.

Chrysler’s latest concept follows similarly conceived show cars from Stellantis sibling brands Peugeot, Lancia and Vauxhall-Opel, as a vision of what can be achieved using Stellantis’s new STLA platforms and software architecture.

The Halcyon is based on the STLA Large platform, which will underpin eight production cars by 2026, including a new Chrysler – the positioning of which has not been confirmed – in 2025.

Chrysler has not confirmed precise technical specifications of the Halcyon, but STLA Large is designed to accommodate batteries sufficient for 500 miles of range, and “extreme” powertrains that can deliver a car from 0-62mph in as little as 2.0secs. 

In this application, the Halcyon’s 800V batteries – said to have a 60% lower carbon footprint than ‘today’s best-in-class batteries’ because they don’t use nickel, cobalt or manganese – are claimed to support wireless charging on “specially equipped, dedicated road lanes”. 

This, Chrysler says, means the Halcyon theoretically has “an unlimited range” – though the technology is currently not in commercial use, so has limited real-world implications.  

The Halcyon is designed more to showcase Chrysler’s design and sustainability ambitions as it eyes an all-electric line-up by 2028. 

Its rakish, low-slung silhouette is obviously conceived with an stringent focus on aerodynamic efficiency – enhanced by the integration of a huge front scoop that passes through the front of the car to smooth air flow, thereby boosting efficiency. 

This large vent, Chrysler highlights, is visible from the front seats, which gives “the driver a real-world connection with the concept’s performance and functionality”. 

Another future-looking design cue is the wraparound LED light bar at the front, decorated by a new illuminated Chrysler logo.

The concept’s Elemental Silver paintwork is designed to “give the aesthetic illusion” that the car is constructed entirely from recycled metals, in a nod to the brand’s sustainability ambitions; it highlights that the cabin is 95% finished in ‘sustainable’ materials, and has used recycled CDs for various bits of trim.

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