Change up the rules in 5v5 shooter hero FPS FragPunk, out 2025

At the Xbox Games Showcase, Bad Guitar Games and Netease unveiled their newest title FragPunk.

The title is a 5v5 tactical hero FPS, but with a unique twist. Players can change up the rules of a match with its shard card mechanics. FragPunk will ship with over 70 unique shard cards, meaning no two matches are alike. Some highlighted effects include flipping the map over to swap the ceilings and floors, summoning the grim reaper to take out enemies or making enemy player heads bigger for easier headshots.

FragPunk’s shard cards add variability

“We are overjoyed to be bringing FragPunk to players around the world. Our team at Bad Guitar lives and breathes FPS games, and we are ready to leave our mark on the genre,” said Xin Chang, creative director and producer at Bad Guitar. “We explored a number of elements that make first-person shooters special and considered ways to truly innovate in this space. FragPunk’s card mechanic is a literal game changer and we can’t wait to see players surprise us with their own unique combinations of cards, heroes and weapons, round after round.”

FragPunk adds variability for replayability

In addition to the shard card effects that active at the beginning of the round, players must adapt to opponents’ heroes and weapon loadouts. The trailer showed off three of FragPunk’s cast — Broker, Nitro and Axon. Similar to its genre rivals, each hero comes with unique strengths to support teammates or deal damage. More of FragPunk’s cast of heroes should be announced in the coming months.

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FragPunk will feature a colorful cast of heroes, known in-game as lancers.

Notably, the pace of FragPunk’s matches are much faster than typical 5v5 shooters. Each match will last for roughly two and a half minutes. Gamers will have to adapt quickly and play their cards right to secure a victory.

“NetEase Games is excited to collaborate with Bad Guitar to deliver a thrilling, fast-paced 5v5 competitive shooter experience featuring amazing action with infinite possibilities,” said Ethan Wang, SVP at NetEase. “This partnership continues our commitment to build world-class development teams and reach global audiences with cutting edge experiences.”

While FragPunk doesn’t have a specific release date, the game is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S in 2025. Netease confirmed that FragPunk will run play tests for both platforms in the future.

Edited 1:35pm PT: added quotes, images and more details after Xbox Games Show concluded

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