Change Makers Podcast: What even is a ‘car dealer’ in 2024? (ep.11)

Welcome to episode 11 of the Autocar Business Change Makers Podcast, produced in partnership with car subscription software platform Tomorrow’s Journey.

Hosted by Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey, and Felix Page, news editor at Autocar, each episode explores how some of the UK’s most agile and disruptive companies are dramatically reshaping the automotive landscape, with unprecedented access to the executives and thought leaders driving that change.

In this episode, we sit down with mobility expert Lukas Neckermann to discuss the relationship between startups and OEMs in the mobility space, how technologies such as over-the-air software updates are changing the face of car ownership, and the role of dealerships in 2024.

We also ask: why is car ownership declining? How will AI improve customer service? Are used EVs the savvy way to make the electric switch? To hear all that and more, listen to episode 11 below.

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