CeDeFi Revolution: CDFI.ai platform announces it has entered beta testing phase

The CeDeFi (CDFI.ai) team has announced that they’re testing the platform for a short time. They plan to release the full functionality by the end of February.

The nearing completion platform intends to revolutionize digital asset management.

Integration of DEX, dApps, and Centralized Exchanges

The developers emphasize the importance of this integration. CDFI.ai aims to unite various aspects of the cryptocurrency realm, including blockchain, decentralized exchanges (DEX), decentralized applications (dApps), and centralized exchanges (CEX). This blend provides users with a seamless and comprehensive experience, addressing longstanding challenges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

CDFI.ai combines parts to simplify using the cryptocurrency market. Users can explore different chains, check out dApps, trade on DEX and CEX, and manage assets with one easy interface.

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CeDeFiAi enables users to view multiple crypto accounts in one place. Source: CeDeFiAi

“We`ve added 10 EVM blockchains. We are now deploying Venus Protocol, Compound, trader Joe, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, and 1inch. We are working on connecting with Binance for CEX. We plan to integrate with Bybit in the next step,” project representatives say.

According to the company, this method simplifies things for users and improves how assets are managed.

User-oriented Design and Advanced Technology

The platform architecture, based on advanced technical principles, ensures reliable performance and scalability. CDFI.ai uses advanced algorithms and tools to handle data from various cryptocurrency markets. This helps the platform provide real-time information and detailed portfolio analytics while ensuring data security and reliability.

Final Stages of Core Product Development

As CDFI.ai nears the final stages of building its core product, the main goal is to enhance and integrate different aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. The aim is to improve the user experience and create a seamless interaction with the platform’s features.

Future Shaped by The Community

Platform representatives say CDFI.ai’s future plans hinge on user preferences and feedback. The team maintains a community-oriented focus.

“At CDFI.ai, we aim to elevate the crypto industry by enhancing user experience, ensuring robust security, and optimizing capital usage. We integrate blockchains, DEX, DApps, and CEX for easy management of crypto assets, fostering a fair and competitive environment,” said the platform representatives.

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