Bioware reveals Dragon Age: The Veilguard, trailer coming on June 11

Bioware has dropped the new title for its upcoming game in the Dragon Age series. The game formerly known as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is now titled Dragon Age: The Veilguard. In addition to the new title, the developer shared that the game is getting a gameplay reveal on June 11. This doesn’t necessarily preclude the game’s appearance at the upcoming summer games showcases, but it does mean we’ll have to wait until afterwards to see gameplay.

Gary McKay, the game’s executive producer, said in a blog post that the new title came after extensive workshopping of the game’s central concept (he references the announced-and-ultimately-dropped multiplayer component). It’s a reference to the unnamed main character’s retinue of companions — of which they’ll have seven in total — and the role they play in the story.

As McKay said, “We changed the name as the original title didn’t show just how strongly we feel about our new heroes, their stories and how you’ll need to bring them together to save all of Thedas.” The Dreadwolf, who’s presumably still the game’s main villain, is still in the story, but lacks the central role that the companions play. “Veilguard” could be a reference to the in-game Veil, the barrier that separates the material world of Thedas from the magical Fade realm. The Dreadwolf’s stated villainous intention is to destroy the Veil and merge the two realms.

Bioware is holding a gameplay reveal on the Dragon Age YouTube channel on June 11, where it will show “over 15 minutes of gameplay from the opening moments of the game that has you jumping back into Thedas on your new adventure.” At present, Dragon Age: The Veilguard still doesn’t have a release date.

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