Aitomatic’s SemiKong uses AI to reshape chipmaking processes

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Aitomatic announced SemiKong, the world’s first open-source AI Large Language Model (LLM) designed specifically for the semiconductor industry.

Unveiled at Semicon West 2024, SemiKong aims to revolutionize semiconductor processes and fabrication technology, potentially reshaping the $500 billion semiconductor industry in the next five years, the company said.

Developed in collaboration with FPT Software and with industry expertise from semiconductor companies as members of the AI Alliance, Aitomatic said SemiKong outperforms generic LLMs like GPT and Llama3 on industry-specific tasks.

SemiKong shows marked improvements in accuracy, relevance, and understanding of semiconductor processes. Even its smaller version often surpasses larger general-purpose models in domain-specific applications, giving potential for accelerated innovation and reduced costs across the semiconductor value chain, Aitomatic said.

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Christopher Nguyen, CEO of Aitomatic, is the leader behind the SemiKong project, and co-lead
of the Foundation Models Focus Area in the AI Alliance.

In a statement, Nguyen said, “SemiKong is set to redefine semiconductor manufacturing. This open innovation model, enabled by the AI Alliance, harnesses collective expertise for industry-specific challenges. At Aitomatic, we’re using SemiKong to create Domain-Specific AI Agents that tackle complex fabrication problems with unprecedented effectiveness.”

Atsushi Suzuki, director of product lifecycle management DX at Tokyo Electron and AI Alliance
member, said in a statement, “As an industry expert collaborating through the AI Alliance, I believe
SemiKong represents a significant step forward in applying AI to semiconductor manufacturing.”

And Daisuke Oku, senior specialist at Tokyo Electron and an early proposer of a Semiconductor
Industry Model, said in a statement, “SemiKong is the beginning of an exciting journey in open-source AI for semiconductors. Aitomatic’s innovative approach has the potential to create huge leaps for our industry.”

Phong Nguyen, chief AI Officer of FPT Software, said in a statement, “FPT Software is excited to be part
of this innovative initiative and eager to explore the potential applications of this model, especially to spark the convergence of global AI and Semiconductor. We are confident that our participation will reinforce our position as a frontrunner in shaping the future of the global semiconductor industry.”

As SemiKong drives down semiconductor production costs, consumers could see more powerful smartphones, laptops, and smart home devices at lower prices within the next few years. Anthony Annunziata, head of AI Open Innovation at IBM Research, said in a statement, “The AI Alliance’s open collaboration model was key to enabling this breakthrough. SemiKong DRAFT v0.6 exemplifies how bringing together diverse expertise can drive significant progress in critical industries like semiconductor manufacturing.”

SemiKong will be available for download on HuggingFace and GitHub starting July 9th, 2024. It serves as a foundation for companies to develop proprietary models while leveraging industry-wide knowledge. The next, more powerful version of SemiKong is planned for December 2024, with the first process-specific models expected by September 2024.

The collaborators are committed to ongoing R&D, aiming to build an ecosystem of AI tools that will propel the semiconductor industry into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

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