Adele Righteously Cussed Out a Heckler Who Said ‘Pride Sucks’ at Her Concert

Adele doesn’t want homophobic fans at her Las Vegas residency.

The 36-year-old singer was shocked by a heckler during a recent concert. “Did you just say, ‘Pride sucks?’” she asked the supposed fan in one fan-recorded video of the exchange. Upon confirmation, Adele continued, “Did you come to my fucking show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you fucking stupid? Don’t be so fucking ridiculous.”

For good measure, she added, “If you got nothing nice to say, shut up, all right?” You can watch the entire video here.

Ever the professional, Adele smoothly transitioned into the rest of her crowd work by guessing that the heckler may be one of the husbands “dragged along” to the show by her true fans. Addressing that entire demographic, she swore to deliver a good show. “You will thank me later,” she told the husbands in attendance. “I’m really gonna turn your wives on tonight and you’ll end up getting laid when you get back to the hotel, I promise you.” (Probably not that heckler, though.)

She continued, “I’m gonna make you smile all night, misters, because I’m gonna make you giggle and I’m also going to reflect on things, even if you don’t want to.”

Adele performs onstage during “Weekends with Adele” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in January 2024.

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She then went into a story she deemed particularly relevant during Pride Month. Adele said she decided that she and her band should each come up with a “saucy porn name” after learning that her Australian bandmate Van (likely guitarist and musical director Tim Van Der Kuil) used to be called “Thunder From Down Under.” You know, like the famed Vegas adult dance show.

“I think I’ve already come up with mine,” she told the audience. “The reason [his nickname was] ‘Thunder from Down Under’ is because he’s Australian. I’m from Tottenham. So what’s the closest thing that rhymes?”

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