7 Best Teeth Whitening Strips, According to Dentists 2024

The classics are classics for a reason—and that’s exactly why Crest3D Whitestrips earn our number-one spot. I’ve been using these drugstore strips once a year since high school whenever I want a brighter smile. Technically, you’re supposed to apply these at-home teeth-whitening strips for 20 days straight, but I usually find that my smile already looks whiter and less discolored within five days. Sometimes, I’ll even split the packs to get two (or even four!) treatment cycles out of them.

Glamour commerce editor Malia Griggs has been using these Amazon bestellers for close to a decade now. “I mostly use them for maintenance at this point—a couple times a month, I stick them to my teeth, go about my business for 30 minutes, and emerge with whiter teeth (that people compliment me on!). I don’t wear them every day or even every week because I’ve noticed that my teeth will get sensitive to cold afterward, but even once a month is good enough for me,” she says.

They’re also backed by Dr. Kahng, who says, “They’re easy to find, affordable, and available in bulk at places like Costco. However, they can cause tooth sensitivity due to extra ingredients.” As with most whitening strips, Crest3D Whitestrips cost a pretty penny or, well, $45. They also leave that gluey film on your teeth after you’ve stripped them off, which, while temporary, is still annoying.

  • Active ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide
  • Strip Count: 20, 2 treatments + two express treatments
  • Pros: Quick and effective, highly recommended
  • Cons: Pricey, leave a film on your teeth, may sensitize your teeth

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