5 Best Colostrum Supplements, According to Registered Dietitians 2024

Special projects commerce writer at Glamour Andrea Navarro has been taking Armra Colostrum Immune Revival daily since January, and has noticed some significant benefits that have made it a staple in her wellness routine. “Despite its slight milky taste, it’s so minimal that it’s barely noticeable, so it’s easy to incorporate into my daily regimen without altering the flavor of my beverages,” she says. Glamour’s Navarro also appreciates the texture of this colostrum powder, since “it doesn’t thicken up, so it’s just like sipping on a regular drink.” Best of all, she’s experienced less bloating and a noticeable reduction in her use of allergy medications during peak allergy season. “It’s a subtle change that has had a profound impact on my daily comfort and health,” she says of this grass-fed colostrum powder.

This pick gets the experts’ seal of approval too. Registered dietitian Ana Reisdorf of The Food Trends recommends it because it’s third-party tested and cold-processed, making it a high-quality supplement. Cold-processed supplements are manufactured without exposure to high heat, a method that helps preserve the bioactive compounds and nutrients that might be degraded by heat, says Rifkin. (In short, the less heat a supplement is exposed to, the more likely it will retain its beneficial properties.) “The price point is a bit high, but if you really want the highest quality, this product will deliver,” she adds.

But wait, there’s more to love! Jenny Beth Kroplin, a registered dietitian who is passionate about gut health, has been taking Armra for a year and adores it. “I’ve noticed hair growth, glowy skin, and less bloating,” she says of the product.

Form: Powder (1 gram proprietary Armra Bovine Colostrum)

  • What we love: Only one ingredient; no preservatives, hormones, or artificial additives; convenient packets; third-party tested; unflavored and flavored options
  • What could improve: Expensive price

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