31 Uncommon Old-Fashioned Girl Names Loaded With Charm

What’s old is new again, and that’s also true for baby girl names. Vintage names, like those from the 1920s, have been popular for a while. But since these types of names with nostalgic charm keep climbing the baby name charts, finding one that’s not super popular can feel impossible. And, you know, you may not want your kid to be another Abigail in a room filled with 10 other Abigails. If that sounds like where you’re at in your baby-naming journey, you’ll need to dig a little deeper into the archives to find truly uncommon old-fashioned baby girl names.

Still, many new parents consider this search well worth the effort. Luckily, there’s a slew of traditional names from way back when that are charming and quirky and lovely — and can easily rival the classics like Ava or Beatrice. For those genuinely looking for their baby’s name to stand out, you might want to try something stunning and standalone like Elspeth or Mamie. If those tickle your fancy, keep reading for a compilation of names with an unusual quality that’s elegant, edgy, and will surely stand the test of time.



Although it peaked in the nation’s top 100 names in 1880, Agnes fell off the charts sometime in the ‘70s. But the Greek name, which means “pure,” is poised for a comeback. The nickname Aggie, in particular,” has loads of retro charm.



From the 1880s until around the early 1930s, Alma held tight in the top 100 names for girls in the United States. It dropped pretty dramatically in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s and has settled just inside of the top 1000. A name with origins in many cultures, it means “nourishing” or “soul.”



This elegant name started strong in the 1800s, tapered off, shot to its peak in the late 1960s, and has gradually waned in popularity since. Of British and French origin, it means “noble strength.”



A feminine name of Hebrew origin, Beulah means “bride.” That might make you think of how fast your daughter will grow up, but look at it like this — that’s a long way off, and it’s something to look forward to when it eventually arrives. Although this name was ranked #123 for girls in the U.S. in 1880, it’s dropped to the #6000-ish range today.



You’d think this name would have seen a bigger resurgence recently with so much love for The Golden Girls! But Blanche, a French name meaning “white” or “pure,” currently sits at #11,298 in popularity for U.S. girl names. For context, it was a top 100 name in the 1880s.



Never a wildly common name, Cicely hovered around the #5,000 mark through most of the early 1900s before dropping to its current ranking of #11,351 for girls. It means “blind of self-beauty.”



Although Cordelia fell out of favor a little in the late ‘90s, it’s been slowly creepy back up the charts. And why not? This lovely name of Latin origin has the sweetest meaning: “heart.”



This beautiful Italian name is an elaborate form of Cora. It means “little heart,” which perfectly describes your little one.



While the name has had some recent traction thanks to Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz, it’s a fairly uncommon sweet name that means “beloved” — a sweet nod to your beloved bundle of joy.



From the Greek word delphís, this beautiful baby name means “dolphin” — and how cute is that? The name is also derived from Delphi, the home of an oracle in Greek mythology. It currently ranks #3643 for girl names in the U.S.



It’s surprising that this name ranks all the way down at #15927 on the list because it’s really freaking cute! Meaning “sweet, candy,” Dulcie is related to Dulce — the name that inspired Cervantes’ Dulcinea, Don Quixote’s chosen lady.



Want your baby girl to stand strong in her voice? Consider this name, which means “well-spoken” (and happens to be the name of the tough and tenacious Effie White from Dreamgirls). Although Effie ranked #63 in the 1880s, it sits at #2120 today.



A strong and sturdy name of Hebrew and Scottish origin, Elspeth means “chosen by God.” While it hasn’t made much headway outside of the U.K., it has a childish charm that might be fit for a sweet comeback.



This unique name of Greek origin is perfect for your little one as it means “generous gift.” It also stems from Greek mythology, giving off some goddess vibes, too.



Like Effie, this Greek name means “well-spoken,” but it also means “sweetly speaking” — and, well, that just sounds lovely. Eulalia has a soft earthy appeal, too, as it’s the name of a tall green grass that grows in Eastern Asia.



Don’t underestimate this name that you might associate with your great-aunt! Meaning “strength of a spear,” the German moniker feels a bit flinty but has a cute, much softer nickname in Gertie.



This Welsh name means “land nation,” but it has a quaint and sweet sound to it that defies its definition. And of course, there’s the Motown legend Gladys Knight, which makes it even more legendary.



An abbreviated form of Katherine, this sweet name means “pure.” Naturally, it’s a purr-fect name for cat lovers. It’s also been the name of many famous characters, from Kitty Bennet of Pride and Prejudice to Kitty Pryde of X-Men.



This lilting name of Hebrew and Arabic origin has beautiful (and sort of mysterious) meanings of “dark beauty” and “born at night.” If you grew up obsessed with Anna Sewell’s classic novel Black Beauty, this could be the old-fashioned girl’s name for your little one.



If you love Haunted Mansion, you undoubtedly know Madame Leota. So, while this name is pretty uncommon (#14,360 for girls’ names in the U.S.), it’s beloved in the Disney fan community. Germanic, it means “of the people.”



A lovely name that means “little and womanly,” Lottie is a diminutive of the French name Charlotte. It has a “je ne sais quoi” flair that is due for a comeback… especially with the popular characters of the same name from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and Showtime’s Yellowjackets.



This adorable name, a shorter version of Margaret or another form of Mary, was famously chosen by Meryl Streep for her daughter Mamie Gummer. It means “pearl” and “star of the sea,” both beautiful metaphors for your new treasure.



Midge stems from the Greek word for “pearl” — but you may better recognize it as the name of the title character in Prime Video’s hit series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Although the name dropped off in popularity in the ‘70s, it’s making a gradual comeback, currently ranking #2603.



This elegant English name means “gentle strength” and encapsulates both maturity and tenderness, making it a fantastic choice for the well-rounded daughter you want to raise.



Who can forget Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter? But this cute name has a richer history than that. Its origins come from the “evergreen shrub,” which was sacred to the goddess Venus as a symbol of love. So, in some ways, this name could symbolize your everlasting love for your baby girl.



OK, this might be what you call your grandmother, but it has a cute ring to it, too. The Hebrew name, which means “grace,” has a uniquely modern, feminine vibe that stands out.



This gender-neutral name of Old Norse origins boasts many meanings: “wealth,” “honor,” “respect,” “man’s defender,” and “ancestor’s relic.” So, if you’re pretty sure your kid is destined to be a wild card, Ola it is! This name ranked in the top 200s during the 1880s, but today it has settled in around the #6800 mark.



Thanks to Dolly Parton’s immense popularity, the name Jolene has shot up the rankings in recent years. But this twangy name, which is a variant of Rae, is a much less common option (#10,919 for girl names in the U.S.) that offers the same spirit.



Calling all Ravenclaws! Harry Potter fans who call this house home will surely recognize Rowena as the first name of its founder. Outside of its HP claim to fame, the name means “famous friend” and “pure spear.” Plus, it comes with the cool nickname Ro.



This lovely Welsh name means “blessed peace,” which, sure, doesn’t exactly align with everyone’s favorite Winifred — the iconic red-haired witch from Hocus Pocus. But the name has a sophisticated feeling to it, and the nickname Winnie is just so delightful.

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