23 Adult Easter Basket Ideas That Are To Dye For

Between mapping the blueprint of my family’s Easter egg hunt, dyeing eggs, and hosting Easter Sunday brunch, being the Easter Bunny is a full-time job. There’s also the added pressure to curate an Easter basket that strikes the perfect balance of things your kid will actually use and candies that will definitely rot their teeth.

But you know what? Even Peter Cottontail deserves a little something extra on Easter. Whether you’re running low on self-care essentials or looking to get into a new hobby this spring, like journaling or, yes, even pickleball, there’s something for every adult on this list — with an honorable mention to moms, of course, whose hard work often goes unnoticed during the holidays, even on Easter. Those deviled eggs aren’t going to boil themselves!

It’d be fair to say Easter basket fillers can get a little out of control, but your run-of-the-mill chocolate bunnies and drugstore candy won’t do either. We gathered the best basket stuffers money can buy from $10 finds, such as skin care tools and candles, to big-ticket items for those with a flexible budget.

Moms are the Easter Bunny for everyone else — now sit back and forward this gift guide to dads, partners, or whoever needs the hint that you deserve a little Easter treat, too.

1. Eucalyptus Spearmint Mini Gift Set

Even the Easter Bunny needs a little TLC at the end of the day. This mini aromatherapy kit comes with hand sanitizer, shower gel, and body cream. It’s also available in lavender vanilla and mahogany teakwood fragrances.

2. The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal prioritizes mental wellness and gratitude through daily reflection via thoughtfully designed prompts, daily affirmations, and uplifting weekly challenges. Journaling can feel daunting — especially if you haven’t journaled since the fourth grade — but this daily notebook makes the act of self-reflection feel intentional and like less of a chore, which is all you could really ask.

3. Non-Slip Hair Claw Clips

There’s no such thing as too many claw clips. And, let’s be honest, most of them just end up misplaced around the house and/or wedged between other miscellaneous purse necessities. So, yes, we’ll take another pack, please!

4. Reinforced Leather Durable Gardening Gloves

Spring has sprung! Spoil the green thumb in your house with a new pair of leather gardening gloves. These mitts are puncture-resistant, sweat absorbent, and the elastic wrist design helps keep dirt and other tiny particles from sneaking their way in.

5. 3-in-1 Car Cup Holder Tray

Elevate your in-car eating experience with this luxe food tray. The detachable table tray clips into the car’s cup console, and is wide enough to hold a sandwich, chips, and soft drink. There’s also a slot for your phone or Kindle for added entertainment — when parked, of course.

6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera

Disposable cameras are in again, but they’ve gotten a chic makeover since they first came out in the late ‘80s. This mint green camera comes with 40 film sheets, and the good news is you can just order more film once you run out.

7. Green Gingham Baggu Crossbody

If you aren’t a Baggu crossbody owner, then what are you doing? These sporty nylon bags come equipped with a 60-inch adjustable logo strap, and they’re machine washable. Shop from eight different colors.

8. Dazzle Dry “Spring In Bloom” Mini Nail Polish Set

Treat the Easter Bunny in your life to an at-home mani-pedi with a sleeve of new polish colors. This limited edition spring pack features a shimmery bubblegum pink, muted periwinkle, minty green, shimmery lilac, and peachy creamsicle color.

9. Jasmine + Ylang Ylang Scented Candle

What’s an Easter basket without a scented candle? Available in four different sizes, ranging from five to 26 ounces, this beloved Target candle is like breathing into a fresh bouquet of flowers. The fragrance can also be found as a room spray and glass reed diffuser.

10. Skincare Ice Roller

A prized possession among beauticians, an ice roller works to alleviate puffiness and redness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the neck and face. Pro tip: The roller is also a miracle worker at soothing migraines and hangover headaches!

11. 100 Amazing Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book by Jade Summer

In the spirit of self-care, consider gifting your bunny an adult coloring book. Illustrating has proven to calm the mind, evoke mindfulness, reduce stress, and even improve — areas where we could all use a little help and encouragement. Plus, it’s an activity they can do with their kids, too.

12. Pickleball Starter Kit

Warmer weather is upon us, which means it’s almost time for pickleball season. Give your partner a head start with this pickleball start kit, equipped with two paddles, four balls, grip tapes, and a compact traveler’s bag. Could also be a fun bonding idea, too… just saying!

13. Portable Wireless and Waterproof Speaker

Listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and your favorite artists on the go with a portable Bluetooth speaker. It makes the perfect beach or pool (or shower!) companion, too.

14. Mama Paper Clip Chain Necklace from Little Words Project

OK, so it isn’t Mother’s Day per se, but this adorable “Mama” necklace from the Little Words Project would make the cutest Easter basket trinket.

15. Unisex Cloud Slippers

Swap out your in-house shoes for something a little more durable and aesthetically pleasing to stare at. Made to feel like a cloud, the sole of the slippers is recessed to perfectly cup your foot, while the toe area sits slightly higher to alleviate pressure around the heels and help with balance. The slippers come in nine sizes in over 20 different colors, so go wild!

16. Rechargeable Electronic Candle Lighter

Imagine all the candles they’ll be able to purchase now that they don’t have to worry about spending money on class lighters.

17. Set of 3 Colorful Reusable Grocery Bags

Although convenient, canvas and plastic reusable grocery bags aren’t necessarily known for going the distance. Plus, they can develop a stench over time. Meanwhile, these colorful bags can hold up to 40 pounds each and they’re machine washable.

18. Vintage Spray Mister

If you’re keeping with a horticulture theme, you’ll want to add a spray mister to their Easter basket. This vintage-looking water pump makes watering windowsill and tabletop plants a breeze.

19. 4-Pack Car Seat Headrest Hooks

Is there anything more irritating than blindly rummaging through the back of the car for your purse, reusable grocery bags, snack stash, or emergency kit? These headrest hooks are a lifesaver. Each hook supports up to 55 pounds and keeps your most treasured items within easy-reaching distance.

20. Wide Brim Straw Hat

This hat makes for a stylish addition to any pool, beach, or garden ensemble — and a must-have now that we’re approaching sunnier days.

21. Adjustable Ankle Weights

Is your partner a fitness guru? Spice up their workout routine with a pair of ankle weights. We love these because the bands can be adjusted to hold one to five pounds.

22. Ceramic Coffee Mug

Designed by Threshold at Target, this ribbed stoneware mug is glazed in a cream hue finish and can hold 16 ounces of your favorite morning joe (whether you prefer it hot or iced).

23. 6-Piece Non-Stick Wooden Spoon Set

For the at-home chefs, this set of non-stick wooden utensils is better for the environment and your food. They’re a lot more durable than plastic or silicone utensils, and protect your pots and pans from scrapes.

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