12 Best Eyelash Serums for Growth, Tested & Reviewed 2024

What sets this lash serum apart isn’t just that it clocks in at a more moderate price point than some of its peers, but also that it features a six-ingredient complex to target various pain points for the lashes—polypeptides to limit breakage, panthenol to nourish, and amino acids to fortify proteins, among others. “This product is great for its price point and efficiency and is a great starter serum,” says Stevi Christine, a professional makeup artist based in Beverly Hills, CA. It’s also relatively low-maintenance: Just swipe it on once before bed.

“Honestly, I don’t have the budget for the more expensive eyelash serums, so I was really excited when a friend recommended this one,” our reviewer told us. “It’s about half the price of some others I considered, and it actually works. Sure, I had to wait eight weeks or so, but I definitely notice a difference with consistent use.”

Size: 0.10 ounces / Application frequency: Once per day

  • Pros: Moderately priced, ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested
  • Cons: May sting eyes

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